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Portland grassroots group United Neighborhoods for Reform seeks to stem the demolition of viable, affordable housing. Our demolition/development resolution, developed through significant neighbor outreach, gathered endorsements from 43 neighborhood associations citywide. We also regularly take our message to City Hall, starting in December 2014, continuing in 2015 on Feb. 12, June 3 (UNR presenters start at 51:20), Oct. 14 (UNR at 1:07:35), and Nov. 25 (UNR at 1:05); in 2016 on Feb. 17, Nov. 9 and 16, and Dec. 7; in 2017 on May 17; and in 2018 on Feb. 1.

"The time is always right to do what is right."
—Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Good news comes with bad news

Mount Tabor and Pleasant Valley join the growing number of neighborhood associations that have endorsed the demolition/development resolution.

At the same time, at this morning's meeting of the Developer Review Advisory Committee (DRAC), the group endorsed a recommendation that reduces the option of a 120-day delay of demolition to 30 days. The 120-day delay has been in the code for decades; why change it now?

When DRAC was tasked with addressing the outcry over the record-breaking loss of unique, affordable housing, no one dreamed the group would take the opportunity to weaken rules already on the books that offer neighbors/neighborhoods the chance to save houses. It makes it all the more clear that the neighbor voice has not been part of the decision-making process, and that the resolution—developed after significant outreach citywide—serves the city better.

The resolution is neighbors' voice for change. If it does not move forward, we are left with the developer-dominated DRAC making the decisions, and those decisions only benefit developers. Under DRAC's recommendations, we could see even more demolitions and a continuance of the Great House Harvest hammering the neighborhoods.

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